Dave Lancaster never again stresses over fitting in seats on open transport, breaking seats or garden furniture, and his wellbeing has enhanced significantly.

A 34-stone man who attempted to make it to the finish of his street has lost 20-STONE in the wake of strolling 6,000 miles – and has been delegated Slimming World’ s Man of the Year 2018.

At Dave Lancaster’s heaviest, he had type 2 diabetes, hypertension, joint torment, elevated cholesterol, the beginnings of gout and rest apnoea – a condition which can see a man quit taking in their rest.

He said his idleness transformed him into a hermit and in spite of the fact that he was getting greater, he felt ‘his reality was contracting’.

Be that as it may, the call focus director joined Slimming World in April 2016 and started strolling each day – timing up the aggregate of a separation more noteworthy than from San Francisco to New York and back again​.

He has lost 20stone 8lbs and didn’t really needs any pharmaceutical for his wellbeing conditions.

What’s more, he doesn’t need to stress over fitting in seats on open transport, breaking seats or garden furniture any longer.

The 45-year-old has gone from 34stone 8lbs and wearing a size 8XL with a 66in midriff to 14stone and wearing size L garments with a 36in abdomen.

Dave stated: “I thought that it was hard to stroll to the finish of my street, I went out so seldom aside from work that I was near turning into a loner and I was nearing relatively total stability.

“It felt as if as I was getting greater and greater, my reality was continuously contracting.”

In any case, in the wake of changing his way of life, Dave stated: “I can fit in the seat of any auto I like and on transports, prepares and planes.

“I don’t need to stress over breaking seats or garden furniture any longer.

“I can purchase garments on the high road and put my own socks on effortlessly; I can walk miles and keep running here and there the stairs – the rundown is interminable.”

Dave, who lives alone in the place where he grew up of Warwick, had been overweight for his entire life, aside from a concise period matured 16 to 18.

He attempted a scope of weight reduction techniques, including losing 10stone on a dinner substitution count calories in 2007.

Be that as it may, he says it neglected to teach him about nourishment and he recovered the weight he lost before long.

It was in April 2016 when Dave chose to try Slimming World out and joined the nearby gathering kept running by his previous neighbor Angie Baker.

He says the help he gets from others face to face and online is “significant”.

Roused by different slimmers, Dave additionally started to be more dynamic.

He began strolling around his nearby stop, going starting with one seat then onto the next until the point that he could walk longer separations without requiring normal breaks.

Dave Lancaster’s diet before and after


Breakfast: Two double sausage and egg muffins

Lunch: Six ham, tomato and cucumber sandwiches followed by two packets of crisps

Dinner: Takeaway or Shepherd’s Pie ready meal with oven chips

Evening: Two-three bottles of wine, sharing bag of tortilla chips, Cornish pasty


Breakfast: 4 Weetabix with almond milk, berries and a banana

Lunch: Leftovers from the previous evening’s meal, couscous with mackerel, gherkins, mushrooms and onions or a baked potato with cottage cheese or tuna and salad

Dinner: Homemade chilli con carne, made with lean mince beef, with boiled rice

Evening: Berries with fat-free natural yogurt, apples, pickles, olives, half an avocado.


Now he leaves the car at home and chooses to walk instead, covering around 10 miles a day.

He said: “I like this form of exercise because instead of costing me, like a gym membership or exercise class would, it saves me money on petrol.

“Now instead of meeting friends at my house, they join me for a walk.”

In fact, when Dave hit his initial target weight of 14st 7lbs in February 2018, he marked the achievement with a celebration walk with all of the friends who’ve walked with him as he clocked up the miles.

And with his new fit regime, he’s also scaled Snowdon.

Thanks to the changes he’s made Dave’s health has improved dramatically and he no longer needs to take any medication.

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