A love bird couple has been executed on their way to their wedding trip after the lady of the hour allegedly nodded off at the worst possible time.

Amy Moffat, 28, and 30-year-old Stephen Graham were headed to Whistler, British Columbia, when their auto veered off the street close Yakima in Washington state around 7.30pm on Sunday.

A report acquired by the Washington State Patrol claims Ms Moffat nodded off at the worst possible time of the Ford F-150 truck before overcorrecting, making it roll.

Their dear companion Spencer Luczak was driving behind the couple when the catastrophe unfurled.

“At the point when the truck went into its first move, it lifted off the ground and was sufficiently high where both the traveler and I needed to gaze upward through the windshield to see the truck above us, and after that I backed off without a moment to spare since it landed right in our way,” he disclosed to Fox 13 News.

“When I got to them, I knew immediately they were no more.”

The match, who were both wearing their safety belts, were articulated dead at the scene

They had been hitched in a personal function among the mountains in the place where they grew up of Utah on August 11.

“This end of the week I felt like the most fortunate young lady on the planet,” Ms Moffat composed on Facebook days after she and Graham were marry.

“Adjacent to a prattling summer rivulet, Stephen and I, in cheerful mistrust, joined our lives together and moved toward becoming a couple.”

Ms Moffat filled in as a nutritious treatment expert, while Mr Graham was a picture taker, videographer and editorial manager for Deity Components, an outside and donning merchandise organization. The match were both enthusiastic about their declining bicycle riding.

Ms Moffat’s grief stricken cousin, Aubree Bosen, said the family could take some comfort knowing the combine were as one.

“It’s extremely hard in light of the fact that you need such a great amount for them, yet I think the way that they were as one, and they were upbeat, and they were going on an experience, it outlines their coexistence. I believe they’re still on an experience together and it’s simply not what they arranged,” she revealed to Fox 13.


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